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Southern Montgomery County Municipal Utility District is your neighborhood water utility service provider and is your friendly source for services and payment options relating to your water bill. The District serves a wide variety of residential subdivisions, office buildings, warehouses, restaurants, shopping and more as shown in our photo tour. We are here for you and are happy to provide assistance with your water, sewer or trash collection needs.

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Current events and notices

San Jacinto River Authority Water Line Construction
Water line construction continues throughout the District. Most construction is within existing pipeline or drainage easements. We have been fortunate that the construction activities have not caused roadway closures like The Woodlands saw during their construction. The last segment to be installed will be along Maplewood Drive from the bridge to Robinson Road and then west to the Oak Ridge North water plant. For those who use this route, be prepared for temporary lane closures during the day. Construction of this segment is scheduled to begin in January 2015. All water line construction is expected to be completed by June, 2015.

Reclaimed Water System
You may have seen articles in the newspaper recently about the District providing a “purple pipe system” otherwise known as reclaimed water. This is a separate water system for irrigation. We take treated effluent from the wastewater plant, filter and chlorinate the water to meet state requirements for type A irrigation. The first phase was installed south of Rayford Road in the commercial areas of the District for our large volume irrigation systems. The District completed installation of the Phase 1A reclaimed water lines this past summer. Phase 1B is planned to start construction in February. It will extend into the residential areas along Oakhurst Drive between Rayford Road and Gamewood Drive, Spring Ridge Drive, Spring Woods Drive, Timber Lane Drive and the commercial areas fronting I-45 near the District office. Each resident along these streets will have the opportunity to irrigate their lawns by connecting their existing sprinkler system or by connecting a hose to a special hose bib for hand or area sprinkler watering. The District will be notifying each resident in this area about the proposed service in the near future. We encourage every resident to conserve water by connecting to this system. The District is planning additional phases of this project over the next few years. We hope to have this available to everyone as soon as possible. If you don’t have this system available to you yet, please adjust your sprinkler systems to water only when required. The Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District publishes watering requirements each week. Please check out their website at If you would like more information about the reclaimed water system, please contact Rick Moffatt at


Map of the district

For a listing to locate your Subdivision in the SMCMUD area - simply click on the 11x17 map/pdf and you can verify if you are a part of our community.