Board Of Directors / Staff

Board of Directors / As of May, 2019

Bruce Harrison - President
Terry Davis - Vice President
Joe Atkinson - Secretary
Connie Kaylor - Assistant Secretary/Investment Officer
Greg Belanger - Director

Staff / 2019
RICK MOFFATT / General Manager / Utility Systems Manager
281-367-5383, Ext. 113 /

The General Manager is responsible for supervising all District operations and personnel. As Utility Systems Manager, Rick Moffatt reviews of all development plans and system capacities. Please contact Rick for questions regarding:

  • Items to be placed on the agenda
  • Proposed commercial  or residential developments
  • Capital Projects Budgeting & Financing
  • Permits, Capacity Reservation Letter, Annexations
  • Job Applications, office management
281-367-5383, Ext. 110 /

The Bookkeeper is responsible for all accounts payable, receivables, banking transactions and reclaimed water contracts. Please contact Donna Smith for questions regarding:

  • Unpaid vendor invoices
  • Contractor payments
  • Tax exemption certificates
STEFANIE MILLER / Utility Systems Compliance
281-367-5383, Ext. 115 /

The Utility Systems Compliance Specialist is responsible for backflow testing requirements, re-developments and remodel submittals, storm water quality and grease trap inspections. Please contact Stefanie Miller for questions regarding:

  • Remodels and additions
  • Site modifications
  • Backflow testing requirements
  • Storm Water Quality
Bonita Cheatham / Receptionist / Billing Clerk
281-367-5383, Ext. 117 /

The Receptionist/ Billing Clerk prepares and administers utility billing and collections, service orders and work orders. Please contact Bonita Cheatham for questions regarding:

  • Billing Inquiries
  • Water or Sewer Problems
  • New Service / Discontinuing Service