Capital Improvement Projects

The Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) outlines SMCMUD’s plan for project planning, including project goals and objectives desired by the Board of Directors.  The CIP is an important management tool used in planning for improvements to infrastructure and in identifying funding for same.  District staff reviews the CIP annually with the District Engineer and all participate in a workshop with the Board of Directors to prioritize projects and update the CIP accordingly.  The CIP is a “living document” and is a planning tool that requires ongoing annual updates to address needs as they arise.

Miscellaneous Ongoing/Upcoming Projects

On December 15, 2001, the Board of Directors approved an I & I Study to be conducted in the entire District.  It will consist of cleaning, televising, and smoke testing of approximately 154,163 linear feet (29.2 miles) of sanitary sewer lines.  Notice to Proceed was issued on June 17, 2022.  The work will be substantially complete within 300 days.  For further information, please contact the contractor, Equix Integrity Southeast, Inc. or Southern Montgomery County MUD:

Mario Chavez (Project Manager) at 346-802-1634

Kevin Fuentes (Project Coordinator) at 346-339-8246

Southern Montgomery County MUD at 281-367-5383 ext. 111

The Board of Directors approved the 10-Year Project Plan for FY 2022-FY 2032 on April 20, 2022.

The Emergency Response Plan and Risk and Resilience Assessment have been developed and are now complete.  The required certifications have been submitted.  More information on AWIA can be explored at

Utility Improvement Projects

This project has been divided into two phases.  Phase 1 consists of the design of approximately 5,450 LF of waterline, 4,300 LF of sanitary lines, and 5, 110 LF of reclaimed water lines within Oak Ridge Section 3 Subdivision.  This project has been awarded to Aranda Industries.

The project will include the activation of the lift station located on Budde Road.  Water and sewer lines will be extended south from the Budde Road Lift Station to serve Church Project.  The waterline also be extended from Budde Road and looped to an existing dead end main on Pruitt Road.  Notice to Proceed was issued on 06-13-2022.

Engineering services for coating rehabilitation at Water Plant No. 2 of the interior/exterior of the ground storage tank, exterior hydrotanks, interior/exterior of building, and exterior of above-ground piping was approved by the Board on 12-15-2021.  The project will commence in Fall 2022.

Engineering services for the design of water and wastewater utilities were approved by the Board on 01-19-2022.  Design phase continues.

Engineering fees to finalize 2019 design documents were approved by the Board on 12-15-2021.  Advertising and bidding will occur in Fall 2022.

Developments Approved for Construction

Located at 407 Rayford Road. The proposed commercial building project will include a Dance/Karate Studio.

Located at 25410 I-45. The proposed project will include 31,220 square feet of medical facility/office space, increased from 21,171 square feet office that was previously proposed.

Located at 26815 I-45. The proposed project will include 3,300 square feet of retail and 8,650 square feet of office/warehouse space. The Board approved the commitment on 02/15/2023.

Located at 602 Pruitt Road. The proposed project will include 21,750 square foot office and church. The Board approved the commitment on 10/19/2022.

Located at 26307 Oak Ridge Drive. The proposed project will include 29 apartment units.  The Board approved the commitment on 12-21-2022.

Located at 25902 Budde Road. The proposed project will include a 2,900 square foot child daycare center. The Board approved the commitment on 12-21-2022.

Located at 26023 Oak Ridge Drive.  The proposed project will include 7,426 square feet of office/warehouse space.  The Board approved the commitment on  09-21-2022.

Located off of North Interstate 45.  The proposed project will include a 9,000 square foot medical office.  Updated commitment approved by Board in December 2021.  Construction in progress.

Located at 24400 Interstate 45.  GI Building and Office Building additions, along with additional storage, classrooms, bathrooms, and a meeting hall.  Construction is in progress.

Located at 509 Nursery Road.  The proposed project will include two multi-family apartment buildings with a total of 225 apartment units, parking lot, and detention pond.  The board approved the commitment in December 2021.


Located off of Blair Road and is located east of and adjacent to the Union Pacific Railroad, west of and adjacent to the Sam Bell Gully Diversion Channel, and south of Blair Crossing.  The site has 21 existing buildings and will provide for the complete buildout at 27 buildings for warehouse and office space.  The Board approved the Annexation Agreement on 07-26-2022.  The annexation is in progress.

Site Modifications and Redevelopment

The District has rules and regulations and has an adopted Rate Order to guide owners and businesses when they are remodeling and/or have changes to their property, such as adding concrete, adding structures, demolitions, etc.

Click here to view our Rate Order.

Click here for more guidance and the Board approved memo dated 01-20-2022.

If you are planning to do any of the following, please know the rules and regulations before you start.

  • Remodel
  • Re-Develop Existing Facilities
  • New Development
  • Add or Demolish a Pool
  • Pour any Concrete
  • Modify Drainage
  • Build a Structure
  • Demolish a Structure
  • Plumbing Modifications
  • Other Site Modifications

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