Backflow Reporting

**Changes on submittal for Backflow Prevention Assembly Test and Maintenance Reports as of May 1, 2024**

According to regulations set forth by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and by Southern Montgomery County MUD (SMCMUD – the “District”), all backflow prevention assemblies must be tested up installation, replacement, repair, or relocation. Due to backflow prevention assemblies being a mechanical device that will degrade over time, all backflow assemblies should also be tested annually to ensure they are working properly.

SMCMUD has partnered with Envirotrax® system to allow for online submissions of all Backflow Prevention Assembly Test and Maintenance Reports. Testers will no longer be able to submit paper test report directly to SMCMUD.

All Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers (BPAT) are required to register with the Envirotrax® system. Upon registration and verification of license, and test gauge accuracy, the tester will be added to the approved list of Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers.

Click the link below to find a BPAT registered to work in SMCMUD.

Click the link below to download a Quick Start Guide with information on how to become a registered BPAT for SMCMUD.

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