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With the increase in population and developments in our area, problems with crime and traffic have increased. The Board of Directors for Southern Montgomery County MUD (SMCMUD) felt the need to protect their citizens and the business in our District by contracting with the Sheriff Department. In 2012, SMCMUD entered into an agreement with the City of Houston that will keep our District from being annexed by the City for 30 years. A limited purpose annexation agreement was signed with the City that added a $0.01 sales tax to businesses in our District. That penny sales tax is divided between the City and our District and provides additional revenue to pay for a contracted security program.

This contract adds six Sheriff Officers to patrol just within our District in addition to the existing Sheriff Officers provided by our Precinct. You can tell they are the District’s officers because they will have the “SMCMUD” logo on the front fender of the cars.

These officers are here for you. Get to know them when they pass by your house. They are here to serve you and help you protect your property.

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Your home is your castle – don’t let it be a target for criminals. Most burglars look for easy targets. There’s a lot you can do to protect your home from crime – and give yourself some peace of mind!

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